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Korn's New Album: Industrial Metal Dubstep - And It's Really Good!

Jonathan Davis with his microphone stand designed by H.R. Giger. (Yes, seriously.)

I've long been a big fan of Korn, but it's been hard to get particularly animated when their last decent album (though admittedly my personal favourite) was Untouchables, released back in 2002. After that, first there was an okay album that seemed to be trying to revert to their old style, then an attempt to go a bit more poppy, then another album which felt similarly poppy and then finally another attempt to revert to their old style with absolutely no good songs on it whatsoever.

Now they've released an album where every song is conjunction with some kind of industrial and/or dubstep artist. The best songs are in conjunction with Skrillex (whose video seems to be doing the rounds on the internet right now). The songs in question are embedded below:

Get Up (featuring Skrillex)

(video link)

Narcissistic Cannibal (featuring Skrillex and Kill The Noise)

(video link)

The new album is called "The Path Of Totality" and it sounds absolutely brilliant. A real surprise and it just goes to show that Korn are at their best when they try to be a bit more experimental.

Also there's a rather amusing review at the AV Club which tells us that it's worse than sludge. I remember when there were nothing but glowing reviews for Blur's (now thankfully forgotten) album "13". Music criticism is such BS.
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