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Mark Kermode's Top Ten Movies Of 2009

Just a quick list of the movies under the cut:

1. Let The Right One In - Oh yes!
"A wonderful re-invention of vampire mythology."
"It's a vampire movie that isn't about sex. It's a vampire movie that is about childhood frustration and bullying."
"It is, for me, this year's Pan's Labyrinth."

2. Slumdog Millionaire - Oh no!
"A great piece of work."
"Best 'best picture' win in years"

3. Anvil - The Story Of Anvil

"It's the love story of the year."

4. The White Ribbon
"The thing with White Ribbon, which is essentially pre-war 'Village Of The Damned', is it's a film which exists entirely on the level of omninous dread. Bad stuff is going to happen, but you're not quite sure what it is."
"The most uncomfortable experience of the year in the cinema."

5. Antichrist
"There are bits in it that made me go 'oh for heaven's sake'.. the bit with the scissors."
"It was in equal parts exciting and exasperating."

6. Moon
"What I really loved about it was it was a throwback to those sixties and seventies science fiction movies in which it was all about inner space rather than outer space."
"It was about isolation and humanity rather than about robots hitting each other or wars in outer space."

7. Helen
"A beautifully mysterious British movie that cost no money to make whatsoever and has a very strange creepy feel about it."

8. Gran Torino
"Did for the Dirty Harry character what 'Unforgiven' did for the 'man with no name'.
"A really fine piece of work."

9. A Serious Man

"In a year when there were so many franchise movies, it really gave me encouragement to think the Cohens could make this very singular film and it would find an audience in the way it did."
"Sy Ableman was greatest monster of the year."

10. White Lightnin'

"The best appalachian mountain dancing psychotic surreal it's-true-but-it-isn't fantasy of the year."

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